Couples Therapy Auckland

Dr Allyson Waite

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Current Practice and Areas of Special Interest

I currently work in private practice offering psychological assessment and treatment to individuals presenting with a wide range of difficulties. A large part of my practice is devoted to working with couples and I have completed the core skills training and trauma training in EFT, an approach I experience as invaluable in helping couples create greater intimacy, emotional connection and new ways of relating. I specialise in working with individuals and couples presenting with sexual difficulties and am co-director, trainer and accredited therapist with Sex Therapy New Zealand. I also have a particular interest in working with older people and issues of later life and in offering supervision and training to mental health professionals.


I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist, trained in the UK and I migrated to New Zealand in 2004. My background is working in the public sector for adults and older people presenting with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. I am trained as a Cognitive Analytic Therapist (CAT), a relational model of therapy and my practice is strongly informed by models of lifespan development and attachment. As such, I work collaboratively with clients to help identify and understand repeated, self-limiting patterns in behaviour and relationships in the context of their life experiences as a whole and to assist with making changes to these patterns through the development of new awareness and new skills.

Contact and arrangements

The Deanery, 17 St Stephens Avenue, Parnell and 2 Byron Avenue, Takapuna

Phone: 021 060 4992
Web: and

Fees are $175 per session (1hour) and I am able to offer out of hours appointments.